Make the best
use of your time.

Automate manual processes to save time and money. Scale your business by eliminating workarounds, documenting tribal knowledge, and clearing bottlenecks.



Taking Your Business to the Next Level

Application Development

Need an MVP or even a complete application? Launch in weeks, not months! We leverage low-code and no-code platforms to rapidly build applications for your business.

Workflow & Rules Automation

With the technologies in our toolbox, we can end your reliance on manual processes and allow your employees to invest their time in high-value, complex tasks instead of repetitive chores. 

Professional Services

New or existing project? We can help! From CRM systems to product ownership and business analysis, our experts will be able to provide you with quality service and consulting hours for any project.

Website Development

We offer a wide range of web design services, including the curation of useful resources and tools such as UI/UX design and SEO to ensure a meaningful experience for visitors and high conversion rates.

Some of the tools we use

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Our founders are experts


Jay Cuffee has nearly a decade of experience in technology, particularly in Financial Services & Lending, Healthcare, and Human Resources.

Bracey Parr has planned, built, and launched applications for 10,000s of users across six continents (and even outer space!). 



"Working with Bracey and Jay has been a phenomenal experience! The work they have done for my company so far has made us more efficient and boosted morale with our clients. In addition to their professionalism, I have learned so much about owning and operating a business just from being in meetings with them. The value they provide goes far beyond automation & consulting. I recommend them to everyone I know!"

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Proudly located in Hampton Roads, Virginia.

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